Morning meditation by Louise Hay

This is not a typical guided meditation. You will not be asked to focus on your third eye point, have your palm dating upward or even close your eyes. All you have to do is stay relaxed and listen to Louise Hay (an ageless goddess who has survived childhood abuse and trauma, overcome failed marriages, self-healed her cancer, helped thousands of people heal themselves and founded Hay House) guiding you through an exercise of appreciation of every single thing in your life. That includes the bed you slept in, your appliances, commodities like your toilet, the stuff you own and of course the people in your life and life itself. It may sound a bit over the top, but if you know a little bit about Louise Hay you will not be surprised, nor should you be doubtful about its power. It can actually evoke some deep nested feelings and thoughts you didn’t know you had (it did so for me). It can show you a different way of looking at the mundane in your life. It can leave you in a better starting point for the day that is about to unfold. Give it a go and make sure you find out a little bit more about the amazing Louise Hay too.



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