Exciting app find! (review to follow) Review: maybe don’t bother

I was merely looking to see if there’s any downloads out there with Louise Hay’s awesome wisdom in them when lo and behold I stumble across a Louise Hay app! A whole app, yes! I am too exited not to share this although I have not used it yet and cannot comment on how good it is(n’t). I will get right on it and update the post asap. In the meantime, the link to the app is below (Apple devices only – sorry 😦 ).


Review: Well, my enthusiasm was short lived. The app is the shortest thing ever; it just contains a 10-minute audio of a Louise Hay guided meditation and then you have to pay to access additional tracks. The additional, paid content may be fantastic, I cannot comment on that. The freebie was not enticing enough to make me want to pay for more.


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