The love child of Ravi Shankar, Jean Michel Jarre and Nature Sounds

I will be honest here, partly (mainly) why I clicked on this meditation is because of its click bate-type title. I can be pretty impatient at times and the promise of an EXTREMELY Powerful and complete chakra activation that would awaken my spirit in under 15 minutes just sounded too good to pass on! Most of the times I fall for these types of track titles I end up regretting it and giving up 2 minutes into the ‘track’ (often what I imagine loud tinnitus being like). But this time it was different. There was an actual music track that I thoroughly enjoyed and had a great meditation session listening to it. Like the title of the post suggests, it combines smooth electronic and ethnic elements with hints of nature sounds thrown in for safe measure. It’s a lovely mix of all the types of sounds you associate with ‘spirituality’ (even if you don’t know you did that) and maybe that’s why it works so well.

Give it a go and see for yourself!


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