Our precious and transient life. Words of a Tibetan Buddhist teacher

As part of my online course on ‘Tibetan Buddhist meditation and the modern world’, I watched some videos by Anam Thubten. Apart from the fact that his gentle, kind and loving energy could be felt through the screen, his words were deeply profound and touching too.

As part of a very short guided meditation he said:

While we’re doing this in reflection you can relax your eyes. Or you can keep them closed. And then just think about your age. Perhaps you are quite young, or you can be middle aged. Just realize that all those years are gone. It feels like all the years passed by, and like a dream. They’re almost gone in a single moment. It’s hard to believe that all these years are already gone. And then, now realize that you don’t know you’re going to live another 50 years or 60 years. Some day the whole life is going to be gone, just like your own past. This insight can help you to feel some kinda, urgency to realize as well as also actualize the purpose of this human life, that is so precious and yet so transient. The purpose of life doesn’t have to be transcendent or religious. We all agree with that.

The purpose of life is actually happiness.

How touching was that? To suddenly bring everything into such clear focus. To make you realise that you’re living like you’re guaranteed to see another 50 years or so. It’s ok to feel sad and it’s ok to feel afraid. Admitting to these feelings is the first step towards freeing ourselves from their hold.

And the lovely teacher continued with some simple advice for starting and ending the day.

When you wake up in the morning, first thing, just sit even if for half a minute or even less than that, in your bed, and then just breathe and try to develop this simple reflection. And that is to remind yourself that how precious and transient this life is.
And from that simple reflection you’re going to have this authentic feeling, that life is so precious, and then you’ll have also this, almost a natural commitment, to live the whole day. And to its fullest potential. And you will have commitment to live that day in the state of peace, love, and kindness. And happiness. I will have that natural commitment, as it was very simple thought.

And then, through the day maybe you can pause here and there and just try to remember how precious this human life is, and then you’ll be able to live in the moment, and not to be lost in fear or anxiety. And you’ll be able to appreciate that very moment. And you’ll be able to truly appreciate whatever your dream, and be totally in action that you’re engaging with. And you’ll feel there, wherever you are, is the place you belong to. Whatever your dream is the best that you can do.

And then, before you go to bed every night, I recommend you to just take another short time, it all depends on how much time you have. You can do this reflection for a few minutes or longer. You can do this reflection for even one minute. And then try to review how you lived. How did you live the whole day and how did your day go by, and did you live in fear? Did you have an argument with somebody else, did you have a lot of anxiety or you lived in joy and happiness and allowing kindness?

You don’t have to judge yourself if you get lost in anger or in anxiety just to find out how you are living every day. And then you gain some kind of deep understanding about your own mind and your way to live each and every moment, and then you will have much more courage as a commitment, to live the next day, even with more love and kindness, cloudy tear, courage and the joy.

Cloudy tear.



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