Sometimes we are not ready for some books. We read them and don’t see why they are so acclaimed, why they have been described as life changing. This was certainly the case with me and ‘Autobiography of a yogi’, the seminal book of Paramahansa Yoganada.

When I started reading it a few years a go, I lacked the patience and the essential open mindedness to grasp the ideas in it and feel the magic of its words, not just on a deep, life changing level but on any level. I actually found it slow at points and was eager for ‘things to happen’, like it was a scroll down facebook. I picked the book up again a few days ago and Oh.My.God. I cannot put it down, I cannot stop thinking about it, I have downloaded it on all my devices and my meditation practice has become daily without fail.

The trivial preoccupations of daily are not enough for man; wisdom too is a native hunger.

The constant struggle though still remains. I think it always will. To escape the trivial, the ordinary, the dull. To define our own limits of what constitutes ordinary and when quietness turns to boredom. Yet these are all things we no longer contemplate. They are not stressed as important, they don’t resonate with contemporary culture of fast, a lot and visible at all times. They can feel isolating and uncomfortably unfamiliar. They can make us impatient.

But within each one of these struggles, right at the other side of it, shines a little bright light. Behind the isolation lies blissful calmness, behind the unfamiliarity lies the connection to our true self and behind the impatience we can find the joy and acceptance that becomes universal love.

So let’s keep trying. The yearning is there for a reason.

From joy I came, for joy I live, in sacred joy I melt.


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